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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

One of the biggest dilemmas for music geeks is compiling a "year-in-review" list every December. Somehow, you've gotta whittle down a list of about 47 different albums, a handful of EPs and the odd single here and there to some sort of a top ten.

Luckily, the Like Young were kind enough to make things a little easier for everyone and release the best record of 2006 in May, saving us one decision to make at the end of the year. "Lost Secrets", the new album from the ex-Wolfie couple of Joe & Amanda Ziemba, is a super-fun pop gem that you really need to listen to right now.

They'll be in DeKalb (with supporting acts the Rikters, This Story and Kid, You'll Move Mountains) on the 8th of July at the House - for tickets or more info, go to http://www.thehousecafe.net/events.html.


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